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South Coast Villas and Vacation Rentals


South Coast, White House, & Mandeville, the "quiet side" of Jamaica, boasts natural attractions and wildlife refuges, including the Long Bay Morass, Alligator Pond, a refuge for the rare, protected manatee and crocodiles.  (Jamaica's crocodiles are a docile bunch that feed mainly on fish.)


At Black River, boat trips take visitors along Jamaica's longest river into a freshwater swamp filled with herons, snowy egrets and more of the island's crocodiles--many of which are so familiar to guides they've been given names like George and Fred.


The road between Mandeville and Black River passes through Bamboo Avenue, a two-mile-long green tunnel of century-old bamboo groves.  

Detour to the Appleton Estate's sugar factory and rum distillery, and YS Falls, where a series of pools provide ideal swimming.


The Treasure Beach area, between Black River and Alligator Pond, is another excellent spot for swimming one of Jamaica?s most desirable out-of-the-way vacation spot.


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