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Dining out in Port Antonio Jamaica


Anna Banana's Restaurant & Sports Bar - Overlooking a small beach on the southern lip of the harbor, this breezy restaurant-bar specializes in hearty Jamaican breakfasts, jerk or barbecued chicken and pork and, for dinner, large plates of conch and lobster prepared the local way. They offer friendly and accommodating Jamaican service.  https://www.facebook.com/WiYardAnnaBanana/


Cool Running's Beach Bar & Grill - This beach bar and restaurant is in Long Bay.  The food is well prepared and tasty and everything is made from scratch, including a wickedly rich mayonnaise. One of the signature dishes is a lovely coconut cream fish. On Saturday night there's a beach party playing old roots reggae and R&B.


The Italian Job - Stay healthy, eat italian food!  Great pizza, pasta, wine, salads!


Lik'm Finger at Winnifred Beach - They serve rice and peas, vegetables, fried plaintain, sweet potato fries, and breadfruit for sides.  Fish and vegetables include  bok choy, cabbage, callaloo, with some carrots, tomato, onion and pepper.  These are cooked down with the fish added at the right time to the grill to cook it without over cooking it.  All cooking is done over coals in a small portable clay stove.  

The real authentic italian restaurant in the heart of Port A

Chill-Out - Just down the beach from Cool Running's, this is another popular thatched beachfront eatery and bar. Try the steamed fish and vegetables liberally seasoned with allspice. Sound-system parties are frequently held in the evenings.


Dickie's Best Kept Secret - Almost too well kept a secret for its own good, Dickie's is an unsigned hut on the A4, less than 2km west of Port Antonio that offers enormous five-course meals in two small rooms perched over the sea. Dickie and his wife Joy promise to cook anything you want (provided they can get the ingredients). Invariably, the meal begins with a palate-cleansing fruit plate followed by soup and a callaloo omelets.  Just when you think you can't eat another bite, the main course, typically garlic lobster or fresh fish arrives. Dickie's has only a few tables, so reservations are essential. The owners serve no alcohol, but you may bring your own.


Jamaica Palace Hotel - has 3 dining facilities, 4 bars (seasonal), lush green landscape and a unique pool shaped as the Island of Jamaica.



Mille Fleurs - Come for a rum punch at the bar whose balcony offers great views of Port Antonio across the bay, then go downstairs to this candlelit gourmet restaurant for one of the best meals on the island. Nouvelle-Jamaican specialties from a changing menu invariably including a homemade pasta dish. A three-course dinner, which has a vegetarian option, ends with a trolley of regional liqueurs. Reservations required.


The Errol Flynn Marina - Fronting a lovely white-sand beach, this quality restaurant can be a forlorn place - but some might find the solitude blissfully peaceful. Steaks, chops and fish prepared in the continental style are served at outdoor tables overlooking the Errol Flynn Marina.


San San Tropez - This is the place to go for great Italian seafood and pizzas.  The menu is vast, and there's a large wine list.


Shadows - With tables surrounding a comfortable outdoor bar set back from the street, this casual place serves good Jamaican and Chinese. The seafood specials are always a hit.


Woody's Place - This pleasant spot with an outdoor patio and an indoor counter that doubles as a local meeting place prepares tremendous hot dogs and burgers, grilled cheese and Jamaican dinners to order. Vegetarians are catered for by a veggie burger heaped with stewed callaloo.