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Silvers Sands Villas and Vacation Rentals


Silver Sands/Rio Bueno, where the English carved out plantations in the 17th Century, today's gracious and comfortable vacation villas and homes cater to the visitor.  Duncans, a tiny, colorful village, almost hides the entrance to the glorious beach of the Silver Sands Club and its wealth of private homes. Barely forty-five minutes from Montego Bay, it's still an undiscovered paradise.

Continue east to Rio Bueno and find art galleries and artists' studios in the houses of 18th Century merchants. It's a lazy, friendly place for beach and snorkeling, buying fish from dugout canoes... and taking in sunsets too beautiful to miss.

Along this stretch of coast and in the hills behind, are plantations to explore, while golf and tennis are in easy reach.  

But many visitors just choose to settle in and take a dividend in tranquility .


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