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Jamaica Villa Vacations - How to get the most from your villa vacation in Jamaica

  • Select your resort area:

    Jamaica has tremendous variety, and each area its own unique personality with many choices of vacation rentals. Choose the area that appeals to you.

    Pick a Villa based on the size/ages of your group:

    Three couples traveling together, or a couple with four kids both need a three bedroom villa, but probably not the same vacation home.
    Let us help you make your selection.

  • Look for the Vacation Rental with features that matter to you:

    Jamaica has them. Beach or hillside, tennis, golf or water sports, nearby attractions, or swinging nightlife. Tell us your priorities.

Jamaica has many diverse vacation rental options. Luxury Villas, Cottage Resorts, Condos. Decide your budget.
Invite friends or plan a family reunion. Look for a vacation rental that's perfect for you and design your dream holiday.

VillasInJamaica gives you choices at every price level. Get the most for your vacation budget! Choose the slice of Jamaica you want to visit.
Pick a private paradise and, for a time, make it your home.

Jamaica was the first to offer Caribbean villa vacations, way back in the 1950’s before any other island had thought of it. The idea was seductive: instead of staying in a hotel, why not rent a private villa (which might belong to Noel Coward, or Ian Fleming, or Winston Churchill’s cousin)
and live in splendor for a week, coddled by a perfect staff?

The concept caught on, and grew – to include more houses, in more of Jamaica’s famed resort areas, at a greater price range.

Today Villas in Jamaica is better that ever, with more choices of vacation rentals in Jamaica than ever before. With our state-of-the-art web site and reservations system we give clients advice, confirm reservations, and package the Jamaica Villa Vacation experience for greatest of ease. You can opt for a hillside mansion in a legendary garden, or a simple beach condo with a lively center for meeting people. You can find a perfect spot for two, with the rest of the world as far away – or as near – as you choose.

Jamaica does Villa Vacations better (and has done it longer) than other Caribbean islands. Jamaica has also opened vacation rentals to more vacationers, with options that fit just about any budget or style.

Villas in Jamaica is the key! - So begin the search for your perfect "Jamaican Villa Vacation"!

Villas in Jamaica can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and locations.

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